• Professional Engineering Consulting Services
  • Serving the Pacific Northwest for 25 years
  • Website Development and Design
  • Software Desktop Applications and Server Tools
  • Programming Backend: .NET C# SQL WCF
  • Programming Client App: Silverlight WF WPF XAML
  • Programming Client Web: HTML5 CSS3 JS JQuery Bootstrap
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Support
  • Electromechanical Design Engineering: Fun Products
  • Civil Architecture Design & Engineering
  • Technical Writing and Product Review


Providing the Puget Sound and greater Internet community with prototypes and solutions from a broad array of technical knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years.

Full-Stack Software Engineering Services

  • Application Design Development & Engineering
  • Websites & Web Applications, SQL Database, Cloud Hosting
  • Facebook Integration, Google Analytics, Paypal, Mobile Apps
  • Graphics & Logo Design, Theming, Responsive UI/UX
  • Administration, Content Management, Security, Reporting

Project Management & Engineering Consulting

  • End-to-End Product Architecture
  • Cradle to Grave Planning
  • Budgeting Analysis & Fund-Raising
  • Technical Writing, Research, Contract Writing
  • Entrepreneurial experience with Startups

Hardware Applications, Consumer Products

  • Electrical & Mechanical Computer-Aided Design & Engineering
  • Integration, Packaging, Wiring Design
  • Corporate Systems Solutions, Networking (Wired/Wireless)
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electric Vehicle Mobility & Power Generation

Our Clients